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Deficit Deadlifts

Today is day one of the deficit deadlifts.  You tested your max deadlift this week and we will work off those percentages at a deficit like we did the box front squats. When doing deadlifts, there becomes a point when the most challenging part is pulling the weight off the floor. The deficit deadlift will help improve this strength. Some athletes struggle with mobility and creating tension  in the starting position.  This strength cycle will help develop that strength. How to do the deficit deadlift if you have perfect form in a reagular deadlift:
  • Stand on a plate, starting with a 10 or 15lb one
  • Brace first and creat tension before reaching down to grab the bar
  • Maintain spinal inegtiry while standing up
  • Drop from the top or the knees
  • Reset
We will be doing lots of singles, so you will drop and reset each time to really work on building the strength in the starting position. If you are unable to have perfect spinal integrity on a regular deadlift because of mobility, we will have you start lifting from blocks.  Please listen to your coach, they have your back! Over the cycle, you will increase the range of motion working towards a deficit. Have fun and lift safely!