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Owner / Coach

Deanna was born and raised in Victoria, BC. Growing up she played many years of softball, basketball and track sports. Out of high school she took a desk job. Deanna soon became bored with this lifestyle and In 2004 she studied to become a personal trainer where she began to discover her passion. After a year of personal training experience she began working at a private training studio training young athletes.

Later that year, Deanna was introduced to CrossFit/Funtional Fitness. She tried a workout and she was immediately hooked. CrossFit opened her eyes to a unique, effective training modality that was relatively new. Her goal and passion became sharing this with others to change their lives.

In 2006 she completed a CrossFit Olympic lifting seminar followed by her CrossFit level 1. She continued to train herself and others with this methodology until she decided to open her own Affiliate. In March 2008 CrossFit Zone was born. She started training people with a boot-camp style of outdoors  Funtional Fitness. But the days grew cold and she opened her first box in Jan. 2009.

Deanna has never looked back, and still enjoys furthering her education and learning. She has developed a keen eye for coaching technique and correcting movement. Deanna’s passion for health and fitness continues to inspire.

Deanna has also taken an interest in injury prevention. Deanna's goal recently has been to learn as much as possible about common Sport injuries and how to prevent them while training and share her knowledge with everyone she encounters.

Deanna enjoys pushing herself  and her athletes   seeing incredible, life changing results and having fun.

CrossFit level 1 and II

CrossFit Gymanastics

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

NCCP Olympic Lifting