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Conway's Way Vol 1

Hello all you beautiful and wonderful individuals, coach Conway here writing his first blog post. Now Iwanted to change things up and instead of writing about fitness give you some advice for post wod activities. Now who doesn't love to just sit around at the end of there long day kick their feet up and watch a great movie or tv show? But netflix is so loaded with stuff its hard to pick out the great from the very average. So I thought why not give everyone some movie or tv show advice. Weekly I will pick a movie or tv show I recommend to check out I'll give you the run down of the show how I feel is best and simplest way to explain it. Feel free to send me suggestions. p.s. I do not condone these suggestions being used for "netflix's and chill".  Also remember my simplistic way of explaining why to watch these shows is my way. My first pick is the show Luther starring Idris Elba. Luther- Angry cop, bit of a drunk, goofy accents, MURDER. Oh, and of course he doesn't play by the rules. He don't give an f about nuffin' except results. So give it a peek its a goodie.