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Congratulations - TC 10Km runners!

Congratulations to all those members that did the Times Colonist 10km race.  You all have trained so hard and should be proud of your results.  Here is how everyone did: Chris Callendar - 35:28 Kirsty French - 50:19 Nella Mauro - 59:54 Chad Hoskins - 50:04 Nicola Swan - 57:41 Gabrielle Price - 57:41 Amber Donaldson Genero - 58:38 Mariam Kabesh - 59:42 Loagan Stroud -49:48 Lisa Ziebart - 48:56 Prabhat Kumar - 1:02:24 The team came in 5th place!  If I missed your name, I apologize, so please let us know how you did! YOGA/MOBILITY CLASS UPDATE - Kailie is out of town, so this week Dr. Deane will be teaching the class.  Next week Kailie will be back and they will be alternating weeks.