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Colleen's Pipehitters experience

Congratulations Colleen on your 8th place finish at Pipehitters and your first solo competition! We are extremely proud of you, all the hard work and dedication has paid off :) "So I made it a personal goal this year to go down to Seattle and compete as an individual athlete in the 5th annual Pipehitters Classic. Now, I've never even competed in a Zone Games as an individual before let alone a competition outside of our beautiful little province but I thought (read hoped!!) that this would be the perfect intro for me. Pipehitters takes place in a big open field and usually attracts a large number of fairly beastly people. We had three seeding workouts to do (max thruster, 5 min max cal row and Grace -30 clean and jerks for time) -once everything was all sorted and done, I ended up in the last heat as part of the top 8 women. Seriously??!!?? I had a mild panic attack. This was not right at all -these other women were all so strong, lots of comp experience and I was 100% completely intimidated and felt like I'd be totally out of place. It's funny, sometimes, how you can have trouble believing in yourself but everyone around you never seems to doubt you for a second. Leading up to the competition, I received so many words of support and encouragement through email, facebook, texts, you name it, I feel like I got it. Community is such an amazing thing to experience in that way - it warmed my heart and I cannot thank you enough for that -big hugs all around!!! One of the best pieces of advice I got (and I got this from several people so I knew it must be true :-P) was to run my own race. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing, just go out there for you and have fun. And I did!! Most of the time I had no idea what anyone else was doing; I just focused on me and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better day. THE WORKOUTS: The first workout was a barbell complex -4 rounds of 10 deadlifts, 8 hang power cleans and 6 back squats at 95/135. The second event was definitely more mental -farmer carry 2 kb (35/55) out to marker then 5 thrusters, walk back in the rack position, repeat out but with 10 kb thrusters this time, followed by 15 and then 20 -all kettlebell thrusters must be done unbroken or you have to start that round again. This was a 7min AMRAP ... The third (and potentially final) event was a series of 3 deadlifts then a butcher (prowler) push across the field. I can't remember the weights for the guys but the women started off with 205, then the top 12 competitors moved on to 245 and then the top 6 moved on to 275 -this was a great one for me, right up my alley!!! The top 8 individuals of the day qualified for a fourth (and thankfully) final workout -I was pretty tired and sunburned by this point so my memory of it is a bit sketchy but here it is: lunge out to marker and back with 95lb barbell on your back, grab a pair of straps attached to kettlebells (35lbs) and walk back out to marker, turn around and drag a tire halfway out to marker, grab hanging kettlebells again and walk back to starting point, turn around, drag tire back to starting point and finish off with more weighted walking lunges, out to marker and back again!! Phew! Fast and sweet!! The workouts were great, the other competitors were friendly and supportive, the day ran smoothly with lots of hard working volunteers and I would highly recommend this competition to anyone that loves a good mental push along with some relatively heavy lifting. It's a great little one day event that doesn't take itself too seriously and I'm so happy to have done it!!" ~ Colleen