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Choose your own adventure day

Bit of a different day today.  After the warm up you are going to pick 3 types of tests, a strength, a skill and a met-con and go for a max/PR. The key to this is not just to pick the stuff you are good at but to take a mid cycle check in and see where you are at with movements so that you can asses and if needed, work to get better on.  This is where good communication with your coach is important.  If you notice during the testing that something didn't happen the way you expected it to, work together to come up with a plan to correct it.  If you excelled or PR'd, celebrate the success and move the goal post further down the road to get a little better each time. The goal here isn't to test everything.  We have a list below of things that are a good idea but if you think of something that isn't on here, make sure it is a good tester and go for it Have fun!