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Catherine and Brian's Wedding WOD

Welcome to the wedding WOD!

  Brian and I are getting married on August 9th, and are going to celebrate our upcoming nuptials with a kickass WOD. We have both enjoyed having CrossFit as part of our lives for over 5 years. Brian introduced me to CF not long after he started at the old box on Herald. After experiencing Fran as our third date, I had to sign up. When I sat down to sign a contract with Deanna, I found out that a 'secret admirer' had paid for my first month. Well, needless to say, I fell hard for this new guy Brian. We love being a part of this CrossFit community and are really excited to celebrate with all of you Zoners. Deanna and Tyler have designed a partner WOD that represents many of our favourite CF movements, come join us for the WOD to find out what they are! After the workout we will be walking over to the Hudson Market for coffee and lunch, feel free to join! Catherine Bryan and Brian Ogilvie PLEASE NOTE: The WEDDING WOD will take part downtown for the 10am class.  The 9:00am class and Westshore WOD will be the one posted below. Coaches Notes:
  • Even though the thruster weight is light, it will effect your ring pushups considerably, so you may want to break up your thrusters into 2 sets to allow you to string more pushups together
  • Ring pushups are more challenging than pushups on the ground, because you have to stabilize the rings.  Break the pushups in sets of 2 0r 3 right at the start.
  • Maintain a hollow body position on the pushups.  If you feel that you are starting to arch your back and core is not engaged, rest until you are able to maintain that position.
  • Recite this Mantra - "I love Thrusters!"