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Bracing the mid-line

In day 1 of our introductory private training sessions we talk about mid-line stability and how to keep your core tight.  This is a very important subject and many people don`t know what it means to keep their mid-line tight.  You may have been to a Pilates or fitness class in the past and they cue you to pull your belly button towards your spine.... Breaking Muscle goes into detail about what is actually happening when you do this (abdominal hollowing).  During my sessions, I explain to clients to brace your core and imagine that someone is trying to punch you.  You are supporting your mid-line from the front, back and sides.  You want to keep your core "braced" in daily life and in training.  Think of it in percentages... in daily life keeping it about 20% tight vs. doing a heavy lift would be 100% tight.