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Box Squatting

The box squat is a variation of the back squat that was popularized by Louie Simmons.  You do it by sitting controlled onto a box and then coming back up.  We have added this to the programming to add an adaptation to your strength program and help to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings.  Most of you will be doing this for more of a skill than a strengthening movement.  It will be an eye opener for hip control and strength.  Box squats are great to develop a strong dynamic and power hip (posterior chain) by having you start from a dead stop in the bottom position. Grab a box that when you sit on it, your hip crease is below the knee.  If you are falling to this position, choose a higher box for a scaling option until you can build up the strength and control. How to box squat:
  1. Sit back - lead by pushing your hips back as far as you can.  Imagine trying to sit back on a toilet seat.  Your knees don't move forward, only your hips move back.
  2. Shins perpendicular - they should remain perpendicular to the ground at all times or even have the knees behind the ankles
  3. Knees out - your upper thighs must stay in line with your knees, push the knees out so they point the same direction as the toes.
  4. Sit on the box - lower yourself onto the box in control.  Don't fall onto the box.  Actually sit, not touch and go!
  5. Stay tight, explode up - keep all your muscles tight on the box, don't relax in the core. Engage the posterior chain and drive up.