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Beyond BTWB

A many of you know, we have been using Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) to for our members to record their workouts and track their progress. In an attempt to simplify things for ourselves and our clients, we are switching over to Zen Planner (ZP) for our workout results. Though ZP does not currently have all of the features of BTWB, we are able to work directly with the ZP team to adapt the program to our needs, and as time progresses, offers us a more integrated member experience program. We will be discontinuing our use of BTWB beginning Sunday, June 15. If you want to keep your BTWB membership and continue to record your results, you can easily add the workouts in to your profile. Contact Sandy ( if there are any existing workouts in your BTWB profile that you would like ported over that haven't already been transferred. If you have any comments or issues with ZP, please let Sandy know, as this is how we can make the program better. If you're not already recording your workout results, start today! It has a massive impact on performance, results, and choosing weights. All you have to do is click on your picture from the Faceboard list after you sign in to class, and it will bring up an option to record your results. Enter them, and rep the benefits!