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Benchmark Day!

Who is ready to hit a PR in Elizabeth today?  We have been doing lots of clean in the last few weeks in preparation for this workout.   You should also feel prepared for the dips after spending lots of time on them in the last few months.  Good luck! Coaches Notes:
  • This benchmark workout is a sprint, top finishing times are under 5 min :)
  • For the cleans, I know that when the board says "clean" it means a squat, but today is your lucky day!  With the benchmark wods, you can do a power clean.
  • Choose a weight that you can string 5-7+ reps together at a time.
  • Use your hook grip so you can string more reps together before your forearms get fatigued.
  • For quick rep speed, bring the bar to the hang and reset for your next rep so you can do touch and go off the floor.
  • Keep your core tight!
  • When completing your ring dips, don't go for a max set/failure.  You want to break them up into small sets with minimal rest.
  • Choose a scaling option that will allow you to string a few reps together, that is still challenging but not singles.
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Are you are anyone you know looking for a program for your teens to improve their sports this summer?  We are hosting a teens program at the Downtown location.  Open house this Saturday from 11am - 12:30pm.  More details -