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BARRY WILLS, Class Leader


Class Leader

Barry was working out of town in Feb 2011.  With his family back in Victoria, this made the evenings a little quiet, so, on a whim, he decided to try this thing called CrossFit.  A ½ hour after his first class ended he finally decided it would be safe enough to drive his vehicle… Ouch!  The drive home was one filled with hurt (both physically and mentally) but there was another feeling of being on the cusp of a life changing event.  Fast forward and today that first class is engraved in his memory as just that … life changing!

Barry has dedicated his life to helping people.  He put himself through University by working as a personal trainer.  His professional career in the retirement industry over the past 20 years has been filled with helping the older adult live a happy, healthy and prosperous life as possible.  Yes, this includes physically which encompasses some of the CrossFit philosophies including functional movement (this stuff isn’t just designed for the young and fit).

During the winter months Barry can often be found in many of our local rinks coaching our youth in the wonderful sport of hockey and in the summer months he has found himself on the ball field from time to time.  


Barry continues to enjoy all aspects of CrossFit (community, lifestyle, competition etc.) but now, more than ever, he enjoys sharing his passion of helping others.  He has CrossFit to use as a vehicle to assist people in becoming the best version of themselves.  Barry is extremely grateful for the gifts that CrossFit has given him.   He is especially thankful to be surrounded by such a wonderful CrossFit community, both here and wherever it may take him.  He considers himself very lucky that he walked through those doors at that CrossFit box in Kamloops all those years ago.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer