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Bar tending

Quick note before today's post: Wednesday morning yoga is temporarily suspended until we determine a new time for it. We'll keep you updated as things develop! Have you noticed the awesome colour-coded bars in the gym? All bars are stored and organized based on weights: Blue - 9lbs Yellow - 15lbs Green - 35lbs Red - 45lbs That brings us to another subject: barbell care and etiquette Over the years I have noticed that the bars have become a little rusty, and not rotating as well as they used to, even though Jon has been maintaining them regularly. This is due to the condensation in the gym, as well as the practice of spraying cleaner directly on the bars. We ask that you use the wire brush to clean the chalk off of the bars before storing away, and only use the sanitizer if you have bled on the bar. How do you clean it? Spray the cloth with sanitizer, and then wipe the bar. Once you've cleaned up the contaminated bar, as the coach on duty where to put the dirty cloth. Thanks for your assistance in our keeping our equipment healthy and long-lasting!