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Are you Fitspirated?

"I'm not ready to come in to the gym yet, I need to get in shape before I do it." Believe it or not, we hear this a lot. People think that they need to achieve a certain standard or look a certain way before they step foot in to a gym - a place that is supposed to help you improve yourself! A recent article making the social media rounds talks about this expectation, and how the contemporary fitness culture reinforces this self-hate and unrealistic expectations of how we look and move. Your gym should be a safe place, free from judgments and poisonous attitudes. We all laugh at the "Check Your Ego" sign at the door, but it doesn't just mean lose your inflated sense of self, but also drop your judgments of others. Better yourself and your community by freeing your mind and body! Read the article here: How the fitness industry turns people off exercise