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Advanced Whole Life Challenge?

July 18th - August 14th, 2015 - Registration open I know some of you are getting pretty sick of hearing about the Whole Life Challenge and for some of you who have taken part in it, it is a love/hate kinda relationship.  Before I get in to talking about the "Advanced Whole Life Challenge" that you have been getting lots of emails about... I am hear to tell you some great news!  We are going to stop spamming you with emails and posts about the challenge ;)  We have decided that as a gym we are going to hype up this challenge once a year and do it right (other than the advanced one coming up). This does not mean that you are unable to take part in it at other times in the year.  You are more than welcome to register at any of the times it is offered, do your own pre/post workout and measurements and create a supporting social network around it. What we have found is, every time since the first challenge the excitement, results and CrossFit Zone's engagement has dropped.  The very first time we took part in the challenge, every one was engaged in the challenge, the community and the events surrounding it and got amazing results.  It has not been the same since then because we have sorta half assed the challenge and we apologize for that.  In saying that, we have decided to hype it up once a year by planning pre and post challenge parties as well as fun events.  What we ask from you is your help to hype it up and get involved and support each other.  We have found that when more members take part in the challenge, there are greater results and it is a lot more fun! The next time we will be hyping up the challenge (other than this one) is in January after everyone has spent some time indulging in the the holiday goodies and cheer and needs some accountability to get back on track. Back to the Advanced Challenge.... What is the Advanced Challenge? The WLC Advanced Challenge puts the responsibility for making good decisions squarely on your shoulders by having you evaluate the appropriateness of your choices. The WLC Advanced Challenge isn't about doing more, going harder, or making things more extreme. It doesn't call for a stricter diet or more intense exercise, nor does it impose greater consequences for "falling off the wagon." For most people, "advanced" means doing more, training harder, practicing more intensely, or spending more time. Not for the Whole Life Challenge. For us, "advanced" means having a greater awareness of our actions and making better choices. In terms of exercise, many of your clients simply do the same thing day after day without ever stopping to ask, "Is what I'm doing today appropriate for my body, my life, and the direction I am headed?" They don't stop to ask, "Will the impact of this workout move me in the right direction?" Every day during The WLC Advanced Challenge players will ask the following question and score themselves accordingly: "Was the exercise that I did today appropriate for my body, life, and continued progress?" There is only one pre-requisite for this challenge.  You must have done the WLC program once before.  For more information, keep checking out the future posts and the WLC website -