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A few new pistol progressions...

Still struggling with your pistol?  A lot of times people struggle with pistols because of ankle mobility.  If when you do a pistol, your knee drives inward and does not stay in line with the direction of your foot, it can be one of two things.  1.  Ankle mobility or 2.  Glute engagement/strength.  If you think the culprit is ankle mobility, make sure to do some ankle mobility before coming in. Check out a few new rubber band variations. 1.  Rubber band assistance overhead - attach the rubber band to the pullup bar.  Loop both arms through the band so it sits your shoulders behind your neck. Lower down under control and then stand back up. 2. Rubber band assistance on Squat rack - attach the rubber band to the black squat rack on the pullup bar rig.  Loop the band through the rack on both sides.  Do a pistol by sitting onto the band under control and then stand back up.   Coaches Notes:
  • It has been a year since we have done the benchmark workout Mary
  • Scale your HSPUs if needed to the opposite scaling option you used for Diane the other week.
  • We do not program pistols very often, so it will be a glute grinder!  Some options to scale the pistols are (1) sitting to a box under control, touch the box and stand up.  (2) Attach a band to the squat rack on both sides where you would place your barbell, sit down into the band and stand back up (see video above).  (3) Hold on to a band with an extended arm and use that to help you balance on the way down and back up. (4) Attach the band to a pullup bar for assistance (see video above).
  • All pistol scaling options must be done under control,  no dropping into the bottom of the squat.  Make sure to use your glutes so that the knee does not collapse in.
  • Tape up your hands before the wod because this workout is a ripper!